“I love everything that is old; old friends, old times, old manners, old books, old wines.”

Oliver Goldsmith

About us

The Salaparuta DOC Voluntary Consortium was established in 2006, in the aftermath of the D.O.C. recognition, as a free association of producers intent on protecting their wine and enhancing its characteristics. The Consortium favoured the meeting between agricultural cooperatives and private companies, old and new, small and large, in the Salaparuta area, animated by the desire to narrate the beauty of our territory, and with the task of promoting, protecting and enhancing SALAPARUTA DOC wines.
United to share the knowledge of nature and wine culture, handed down through generations and for future winemakers. Most of the wineries are family-run, managed respecting the tradition inherited from the past, maintaining a constant search for excellence, through shared and innovative experience.

The Salaparuta DOC Consortium protects the viticulture of the small municipality in the heart of the Belìce Valley, by organising events in Italy and abroad, especially with the participation of producers at trade fairs.

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The group

Faces, hands, stories of those who live this noble craft every day.

Producers and winemakers united by the same goal: the safeguard the denominations of oenological origin of the Sicilian land, keeping the identity of their wine production firm.

Salaparuta has always united the cooperation and individuality of winemakers, as well as the activism of wineries with the dedication to the land and its production.

Dedication, knowledge and passion, these are the values that characterize the people of Salaparuta.

Pietro Scalia

Calogero Mazzara
Giuseppe Palazzolo

Calogero Candela
Andrea Filippo Drago
Francesco Palazzolo
Giovanni Palermo
Giuseppe Pirrello
Carmelo Vaccaro

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